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Our Mission

At the Springfield Pride Parade, we walk together in a community-driven movement of support, inclusivity, and public recognition to remind our LGBTQ+ youth that they are safe, they are loved, and they are not alone.


Meet The Founder

I am Taurean Bethea, in 2017 a hate comment was posted on social media about my assumed sexual orientation, “why doesn’t he just come out?” At the time, I was a closeted gay black male, not because of shame, but because coming out as a gay black male can be life threatening, even in the 21st century. However, that comment resonated with me, and I thought about the young kids, our future, who were committing suicide or slipping into depression because of public bullying.


On October 17th 2017, three days after my 33rd birthday, I decided to stand with those, young and old, that may have had something that should be celebrated and encouraged framed in hate. I decided to commit my life to helping individuals be unapologetically, WHO THEY ARE and with pride told the world that I am Taurean Bethea, a Gay Black Man from Springfield Massachusetts.

Taurean Bethea, Founder & CEO

Meet Our Board

Sylvia Bethea


Talia Gee

Pierce Durkin

Anokhee Dave

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